The Imaginative Press is dedicated to publishing a variety of titles which explore the overlooked, the forgotten and the yet-to-be-explored, whether focused on a single object or an entire country. We are a small artist self-publishing organisation, and part of the Centre for Imaginative Research.

Founded in 2013 as the publishing arm of the Museum of Imaginative Knowledge, we have since expanded to a wider range of concerns, including the Joseph Beuys in Connemara Residency, and an occasional series on museums. In 2019 we are also commissioning a series of collaborative titles between artists and writers. Get in touch with James Mansfield (j.mansfield@imaginative-research.org) if you are interested, or would like to do a publication swap.

As well as being listed here, you can find our titles at Bookartbookshop and BOOKS Peckham in London, and Good Press in Glasgow.

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